What it is

App that lets you organize and carry important health information of your loved one with you.


  • Organize and Mobilize Health Information: Backpack Health lets you organize health information of your loved one such as symptom, medication, treatment, and allergy, all in one place and carry them wherever you go.
  • Store All Health Documents: Upload all health documents such as files, photos, videos and lab results.
  • Co-Manage with a Care Team: Co-manage your loved one’s health with others in the care team such as relatives, friends and homecare provider. With live profile updates, the care team is always updated and in sync.
  • Manage Health Information of Multiple Loved Ones: Backpack Health app gives you the ability to manage the health information of multiple loved ones such as parents and children.
  • Shareable Health Cards: The app has ability to create “share cards”, giving you the choice of profile items to include and easily share with anyone you need to via email, text and print.


$2.99/month or $29.99/year with free 7-day trial.

Download the App

Product Website

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