What it is

Smart pill bottle that automatically tracks doses and sends intelligent reminders when you forget.


  • Automatic Tracking:¬†Pillsy automatically keeps track when the bottle is opened and marks the dose as taken, with no need to open the app.
  • Intelligent Reminders: A reminder is sent out when your loved one forgets a dose. Reminders could be lockscreen notifications, text messages and phone calls. In addition, the Pillsy pill bottles also beep and blink to remind.
  • Double Dose Alert: Pillsy will automatically warn if a dose is already taken.
  • Smart Snoozing:¬†On getting a reminder, if your loved one hits snooze when she’s away from the pills, Pillsy will resend a reminder when she comes in range.
  • View History: The Pillsy app shows the history of when the medications were taken.


$49 for 1-pack, $89 for 2-pack, $119 for 3-pack, $279 for 8-pack.

Pillsy is an approved product for purchase with HSA/FSA cards.

Where to Get it

Get Pillsy bottles from Pillsy’s website.

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